References for Mrs. Malinda Russell

This is a developing reference sheet for the Malinda Russell cookbook project. If you are working on the project, then add references to the comments, below, and Tayleigh and I will get them incorporated into this page. Miss Leslie's Directions for Cookery, 1851, is a good reference for methods. At the beginning of the chapter … Continue reading References for Mrs. Malinda Russell

Join us for Malinda Russell Recipe Testing

Become a Recipe Tester for the First African American Cookbook written and published by Mrs. Malinda Russell in 1866. In 1866, Malinda Russell published her "A Domestic Cook Book: Containing a Careful Selection of Useful Receipts for the Kitchen." Born free, probably around 1812, Malinda Russell escaped the lawless south for Paw Paw Michigan. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Join us for Malinda Russell Recipe Testing

Malinda Russell Recipe Testing: Conversion Table

Teaspoons 1 tsp5g2 tsp10g3 tsp15g4 tsp20g5 tsp25g6 tsp30g Tablespoons 1 tbsp15g2 tbsp30g3 tbsp45g4 tbsp60g5 tbsp75g6 tbsp90g Pounds 1⁄4 pound113g1⁄2 pound227g3⁄4 pound340g1 pound453g Water, Milk, Alcohol, Buttermilk*, Sour Milk, Yeast* etc. 1 wine glass56g1⁄2 cup118g3⁄4 cup177g 1 cup240g2 cups480g3 cups720g4 cups960g5 cups1,200g6 cups1,440g7 cups1,680g8 cups1,920g1 ounce30g1 quart950g1 gill112g1 pint475g1 gallon3,785g *Malinda Russell would have used a … Continue reading Malinda Russell Recipe Testing: Conversion Table