Malinda Russell Recipe Testing: Conversion Table

Teaspoons 1 tsp5g2 tsp10g3 tsp15g4 tsp20g5 tsp25g6 tsp30g Tablespoons 1 tbsp15g2 tbsp30g3 tbsp45g4 tbsp60g5 tbsp75g6 tbsp90g Pounds 1⁄4 pound113g1⁄2 pound227g3⁄4 pound340g1 pound453g Water, Milk, Alcohol, Buttermilk*, Sour Milk, Yeast* etc. 1 wine glass56g1⁄2 cup118g3⁄4 cup177g 1 cup240g2 cups480g3 cups720g4 cups960g5 cups1,200g6 cups1,440g7 cups1,680g8 cups1,920g1 ounce30g1 quart950g1 gill112g1 pint475g1 gallon3,785g *Malinda Russell would have used a … Continue reading Malinda Russell Recipe Testing: Conversion Table

Using a Bread Stamp from Uzbekistan

I made this cracker with an Uzbek bread stamp. Etsy is where I buy stamps of this kind. They are used to keep flat breads from fully rising. If you don’t prick flatbreads prior to baking, then they will puff up into a ball — desirable in chapati and pita — not desirable for other … Continue reading Using a Bread Stamp from Uzbekistan

Bat Boy!

Luang Probang, Laos, January, 2001 Mekong. Languid air. Languid river. Languid landscape. The captain replied, “Not bird,” while flapping his arms. Concise explanation for the steamed lunch’s outer wrapping not understood until his young son picks up what was set-aside, unfolds a wing, and starts sucking to retrieve every possible bit of flavor. Happy boy! … Continue reading Bat Boy!