Amanita muscaria, edibile if parboiled

Please see the main article on Amanita muscaria, and how it is edible if parboiled for an introduction to the edibility of Amanita muscaria. Please download, read, and share my article on the edibility of Amanita muscaria co-authored with David Arora and published in the peer review journal Economic Botany in 2008: "Amanita muscaria: A … Continue reading Amanita muscaria, edibile if parboiled

English Horse-breads circa 1600 to 1800

Download the PDF to my article in Gastronomica on the breads fed to race horses in England beginning in the 1590s. It turns out that for centuries the most detailed instructions for making bread published in English were written for horses. Gervase Markham, who is well known amongst culinary historians as the author of the … Continue reading English Horse-breads circa 1600 to 1800