Bat Boy!

Luang Probang, Laos, January, 2001 Mekong. Languid air. Languid river. Languid landscape. The captain replied, “Not bird,” while flapping his arms. Concise explanation for the steamed lunch’s outer wrapping not understood until his young son picks up what was set-aside, unfolds a wing, and starts sucking to retrieve every possible bit of flavor. Happy boy! … Continue reading Bat Boy!

Manchet! The Long-time “Best Bread”

There is no question about this. Manchet was the "best bread" in most of Early Modern England, with a comparable bread considered "best" in Continental Europe, as well. This will have been the case for hundreds of years. Precision is not possible, as documentation is so scarce, but there is no reason to suppose the … Continue reading Manchet! The Long-time “Best Bread”