Malinda Russell Recipe Testing: Conversion Table


1 tsp5g
2 tsp10g
3 tsp15g
4 tsp20g
5 tsp25g
6 tsp30g


1 tbsp15g
2 tbsp30g
3 tbsp45g
4 tbsp60g
5 tbsp75g
6 tbsp90g


1⁄4 pound113g
1⁄2 pound227g
3⁄4 pound340g
1 pound453g

Water, Milk, Alcohol, Buttermilk*, Sour Milk, Yeast* etc.

1 wine glass56g
1⁄2 cup118g
3⁄4 cup177g
1 cup240g
2 cups480g
3 cups720g
4 cups960g
5 cups1,200g
6 cups1,440g
7 cups1,680g
8 cups1,920g
1 ounce30g
1 quart950g
1 gill112g
1 pint475g
1 gallon3,785g

*Malinda Russell would have used a buttermilk that we don’t find in our grocery stores. Buttermilk in 19th century America was the byproduct of the butter-making process. It was a buttery whey. Use cultured buttermilk for testing as it is much more practical. If you make your own butter, then save the buttermilk from that for use in these recipes. You can freeze it to accumulate quantity.
*Malinda Russell used liquid yeast. That could have been barm from the brewer, or it could have been an American “patent yeast” that was a yeast nutrient solution maintained by the cook. The species of yeast is the same in beer as in bread making. Focus on the rising time, rather than the quantity of yeast specified. A rule of thumb, in modern baking is to use 7g of dried yeast per pound of flour (450 g). To standardize the recipe testing, please use instant yeast that you mix in with the flour.


1⁄2 cup113g
3⁄4 cup169g
1 cup225g
2 cups450g
3 cups675g
4 cups900g
5 cups1,125g
6 cups1,350g
7 cups1,575g
8 cups1,800g
1 coffee cup (butter)?
1 teacup (butter)?


1⁄2 cup161g
3⁄4 cup242g
1 cup322g
2 cups644g
3 cups966g
1 pint644g
1 quart1288g


1⁄2 cup55g
3⁄4 cup83g
1 cups110g
2 cups220g
3 cups330g
4 cups440g
5 cups550g
6 cups660g
7 cups770g
8 cups880g
1 teacup?
1 pint220g
1 quart450g


1⁄2 cup107.5
3⁄4 cup161.25
1 cup215g
2 cups430g
3 cups645g
4 cups860g

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