Ship’s Biscuit Recipes and Instructions

Jeff Pavlik, Guest Speaker Bread History Seminar #18 January 21, 2021 9am Pacific: 6pm Belgium: 9:30pm Bangalore These are various ways to replicate the basic ship’s biscuit of the eighteenth century using readily available ingredients. The final amount of dough made using these recipes will equal a ration of one pound of biscuits after they … Continue reading Ship’s Biscuit Recipes and Instructions

Using a Bread Stamp from Uzbekistan

I made this cracker with an Uzbek bread stamp. Etsy is where I buy stamps of this kind. They are used to keep flat breads from fully rising. If you don’t prick flatbreads prior to baking, then they will puff up into a ball — desirable in chapati and pita — not desirable for other … Continue reading Using a Bread Stamp from Uzbekistan