Using a Bread Stamp from Uzbekistan

I made this cracker with an Uzbek bread stamp. Etsy is where I buy stamps of this kind. They are used to keep flat breads from fully rising. If you don’t prick flatbreads prior to baking, then they will puff up into a ball — desirable in chapati and pita — not desirable for other bread styles. A fork serves the same purpose, but the Uzbek stamps make far lovelier patterns. Crackers are easily made out of yeasted dough as long as the dough is stiff enough to be rollable. In other words — ciabatta dough with its hydration of 80% to 100%+ does not make cracker dough! Roll appropriately stiff doughs thinly. Cut out rounds with a glass. I dip the glass rim in flour each time I use it to cut the dough to discourage dough from sticking to the rim of the glass. I also dip the Uzbek stamp in flour before each use. If dough is sticking to the Uzbek stamp, then that is the sign that your dough is too soft. I find that crackers work best when baked at a very low temperature, as low as 225°F or 107°F, for a very long time.

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