Introduction to Baking Bread in Hot Sand

httpv:// This video offers an introduction to baking bread in sand heated by a fire of brushwood. This particular version is made by a Berber but it is a technique that is widespread in desert regions. The YouTube videos documenting the method tend not to offer much information on the dough and how one version … Continue reading Introduction to Baking Bread in Hot Sand

2 Vidoes Bread Baked in Hot Sand

These two videos offer a good look at what the bread looks like while other videos offer more detail on how to handle the fire and heat the sand. httpv:// This video starts towards the end of the process of creating an oven of hot embers and sand. We first see the bread after it … Continue reading 2 Vidoes Bread Baked in Hot Sand

Baking Bread in Sand #2 Detail of interest: the flour dusted depressing. This video is made up of a series of stills. We do lose some technical information, particularly regarding how the ash and embers are swept out from the sand. But there is one detail in this video I haven't seen in others. The bottom of the heated … Continue reading Baking Bread in Sand #2