A Simple Moroccan Oven


This is one of the most extraordinary baking videos posted on You Tube. The baker, a Moroccan woman, is sitting in front of small oven fired with brush. The bread is baked on a griddle within the oven. She crisps the puffed up bread by building up flames to radiate heat down on to the bread. I think she also, at one point, pricks the bread to let out steam. What I find most extraordinary is that this seems to be an oven similar to the ones one sees in ancient Greek terracotta figurines. Until seeing this video I had never quite grasped how the ancient Greek ovens were operated but I think this video makes clear that they were fired with straw or brushwood and that the seated baker (the terraccotta oven figurines often shows a woman seated on a stool) has a pile of straw or brush that she can easily reach.


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