Scraping Sand from Sand-baked Bread

This video is in two parts.

The first video offers a particularly clear look at exactly how the fire is scraped away from the flatbread and clarifies that the bread is baked in hot sand, not on embers or even in this case a mixture of embers and sand. The tourist who is filming asks the guide who bakes the bread a question that elicits the answer that this little bread is just for show. If he were in the desert for several days he’d make a large fire over a wide area and bake a very large bread, one that would last for days. This points up the risks of assuming from videos and demonstrations that what one is seeing is, in every detail, the true local practice.


In this second video the bread is taken out of the sand. One sees the extreme care with with the bread is scraped with a knife to be sure there is no sand sticking to it.



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