Isiolo, Kenya.

But, not from this year! For those of you who have not been back to Isiolo for some years, it will be unrecognizably recognizable. The streets are now paved. A friend of mine who was on the County Council when the contract for paving was given out told me it was given to an Indonesian contractor. Not the world’s best quality, but they could afford it, and it begins to settle the dust, eliminate the mud, and, well, few reading this live in cities with dirt downtown streets, so I don’t need to explain. It is not fun living with dusty or muddy streets. But, for us from the outside, it feels romantic. The streets now have a different feel, and yet I still enjoy Isiolo. A small scale town that I first went to in 1993, so now 27 years ago. My first time there was with my friend, the mycologist David Arora. We met the British explorer Alfred Thissinger! Had tea at his house. And, wow!, that is one of my strongest memories. Somewhere, somewhere, I may have photographs of his Isiolo house. None of us should hold our breath! Give me ten years to find them.

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