Medieval-style Pottage

I was watching a YouTube video about Medieval cooking by Lucy Worsley. She works at Hampton Court and produces a wide range of videos for BBC. In the Medieval food video, she says that the average Medieval household always had a soup going — a “pottage.” Amongst other things, the postage was made with scraps. I have six chickens. For years and years and years I have been feeding my scraps to them and then getting them back in the form of eggs. Inspired by Lucy, I am now putting everyone into my postage. The chickens still get the scraps, but now after they have been boiled. I have only been doing this now for two weeks but I can already say that it is brilliant! I now always, or almost always, have a flavorful stock. Of course, the flavor changes from day-to-day, so this is not the way to make a stock with a fixed flavor profile. If you sometimes end up with too much stock, then either can it with a pressure canner or freeze for later use.

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