Roundboy Outdoor Products

Roundboy sells oven kits for ovens that sit on a metal stand. I provide the link to the dimensions page for one of their barrel-shaped models. What I want to point out is the 14″ roof height. When looking at oven kits be aware that the roof height tells you what the oven is designed for. I would say that anything under 16″ is optimized for pizza. An oven height from 16″ to 24″ is more appropriate for bread. This is not to say that you cannot bake bread in a 14″ oven or bake a pizza in a 24″ oven. It is just that the one is optimized for pizza and the other is not. Thus, if  your primary use is pizza and other dishes cooked quickly in a hot oven then look for lower vault heights, like this one.

Roundboy is a small company. The owner has a blog that includes a  video showing what he cooks in his wood fired oven. It is an eclectic mix of foods and inspiringly not-showoffy. If you have DIY skills, then I think you may find the barrel shaped oven an inspiration. A barrel or barrel shaped mound of wet sand and a coating of refractory concrete more or less gets you an oven.

As for this kit, it appears to be super simple and super easy to set up. The only real concern I’d have is the insulation. It seems to use vermiculite or some other type of pourable insulation. High grade kiln insulation offers much more insulation than vermiculite and insulation matters. The more and better insulation the less wood you need to fire the oven and the longer it stays hot enough to bake in. I if you were to purchase this oven I’d buy a roll of kiln insulation and use that.

Because this oven sits on a metal base it is also presumably moveable. Thus, if you are looking for the no-fuss-no-muss that oven kit scan (but doesn’t usually) offer AND if you want to be able to take your oven and load it into a truck to take someplace else, then I’d consider the Roundboy ovens.

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