Thomas Etty Esq.

Thomas Etty is the supplier of heritage vegetable and flower seeds. In his own words, Thomas Etty is a “heritage seedman.” In many ways, he is the heritage seedman. Every vegetable offered is described with its first known introduction date. If you are interested in 18th and 19th century vegetables the you must download this catalogue. Of all the companies included in my list of hierloom vegetable seed suppliers this is the only one that doesn’t permit online ordering. While the website does state that online ordering is coming soon, I’d order from the paper catalogue as soon as you download it. The catalogue is especially informative for cooks trying to recreate historic cuisines. Many seeds sold by Thomas Etty are difficult to impossible to find anywhere else. The catalogue is offered as a PDF. I would print it out, put it a small binder, and include it with your gardening books. It is an invaluable resource. The web site also offers in PDF form a Vegetable Seed Timeline and approximately 20 lists of vegetable varieties from various sources between 1440 and 1948. As of this review (October 2011) it seems as if they may not ship seeds outside of the EU, but if you live outside of the EU I would advise making an inquiry before giving up.

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