Franchi Sementi

This link to the American company, that distributes the wonderful Italian Franchi seeds. Franchi Sementi was founded 1783 and is still run by the family. Franchi seeds are sold in two of my local nurseries so I buy their seeds all the time. I also stock up when I am in Italy. In addition to the fabulous choice of beans and chicories and other vegetables that the Italians like so much you get lots of seeds in every pack. And I mean lots. I use Franchi seeds for most of my staples like spinach, lettuce, chicory, and shelling beans.

I’d like to call you attention to the pumpkin selections. While pumpkins come from North American, we have not done well by them. In America, pumpkins are valued most for carving — and secondarily for pies. In Europe they are valued as a squash for use in savory dishes, including soups. Italian cuisine uses pumpkin in many contexts, including as a filling for ravioli. The Franchi pumpkin selection reflects the Italian culinary interest in this squash. You will find them in the zucca, or winter squash section of the catalog.

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